Live the Alpaca Experience


What is Mundo Alpaca?

Mundo Alpaca is the initiative that Michell & Cia, a world leader in the Alpaca industry, offers to the national and foreign public to live a new experiential, cultural and educational experience, which allows them to discover the wonderful history, tradition and mysteries of the Alpaca and its exquisite fiber.

With locations in Arequipa and Lima, Mundo Alpaca is a unique cultural and educational contribution to Peru and the world. The Lima branch is the only one in Peru using state-of-the-art technology and virtual reality to guarantee an unprecedented immersive experience.

In its more than 15 years of existence, Mundo Alpaca seeks to expose and promote the textile richness of Peru and the Andes. Therefore, its designs, environments, structures and contents have been designed to offer visitors, free of charge, the unique opportunity to appreciate, learn and "live", up close, the experience of Alpaca and its millenary history.